solipsistic NATION No. 278: #twittermix4

#twittermix4Welcome to #twittermix4!

And here’s the part where I explain what that means. Explaining what it means is actually one of the #twittermix traditions.

So here we go…

When I first joined Twitter there wasn’t a lot of labels or musicians on Twitter, which made it almost useless as far solipsistic NATION was concerned. But I stuck around and gradually more and more labels and musicians came online on Twitter, which is also right about the time when Twitter became my social media platform of choice. Twitter had two things going for it that I came to cherish: it was ubiquitous and concise. Twitter’s 140 character limit forced you to say what you wanted to say with laser-like intensity.

I thought it would be fun to put together a mix for solipsistic NATION featuring tracks from musicians on Twitter. I approached the artists I had met through Twitter for their participation and asked them to extend the invitation to musicians they new. I believe this was when retweeting came onto the scene. Heady times! Retweeting put me in touch with a lot of musicians I talk to to this day. Come to think of it, I guess that whole process is one of the traditions of the #twittermix.

Anyway, I got a lot of great tracks and the show was a success, but I have to tell you, today’s #twittermix is the best. Not to diminish the previous #twittermixs but this one’s pretty special. Not only is the music as diverse as Twitter itself but the music is topnotch! As an added bonus, we’ll also talk with Clay Nutting, who is one of the people organizing this year’s Sacramento Electronic Music Festival. I really hope to make it to the festival because the’ve got some incredible talent from folks like James & Evander, Shlohmo, Mux Mool and more. If you plan on going, Tweet me on Twitter at @solipsistic and maybe we can meet up.

Getting back to my point…

I think Twitter is important to me because it also represents the spirit of solipsistic NATION. Through Twitter I am able to informally approach musicians and labels I would otherwise never get the chance to talk to, and that’s led to a lot of incredible shows and struck up a lot of friendships. In turns, musicians and labels have contacted me through Twitter as well as listeners of the show and people who just show up because they got word of the show or are just curious or the other myriad reasons.

Twitter has helped me build up solipsistic NATION, reach out and collaborate and have a hell of a lot of fun. The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that solipsistic NATION could not exist without Twitter. Or be something very, very different without it.

Join us again next week when our guest will be Tripswitch‘s Nick Brennan. He’s got a very special live set for us.

See you then!

  1. Lorn “Soft Room”
    Follow Lorn on Twitter @LORNNN
  2. Salva “Obsession (feat. B. Bravo)”
    Follow Salva on Twitter @salvamusic
  3. Mux Mool “Wolf Tone Symphony”
    Follow Mux Mool on Twitter @muxmool
  4. Shlohmo “Hot Boxing The Cockpit”
    Follow Shlohmo on Twitter @shlohmo
  5. Interview with Clay Nutting, Sacramento Electronic Music Festival organizer
    Follow the Sacramento Electronic Music Festival on Twitter @semfpresents
  6. Dragonfly Lingo “All Right” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Follow Dragonfly Lingo on Twitter @dflingo
  7. YouShriek “Ever And Anon (Strobelight Mix)”
    Follow YouShriek on Twitter @youshriek
  8. Wet Dentist “The Running Man” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Follow Wet Dentist on Twitter @wetdentist
  9. EshOne “Golden Ratios”
    Follow EshOne on Twitter @eshone
  10. David Morneau “Jubilation” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Follow David Morneau on Twitter @5of4music
  11. Leaving Richmond “What Were We Waiting For?”
    Follow Leaving Richmond on Twitter @leavingrichmond
  12. Myrrh Ka Ba “Grimes Visiting Statue Remix”
    Follow Myrrh Ka Ba on Twitter @myrrhkaba
  13. Uschi-No-Michi “SparK”
    Follow Uschi-No-Michi on Twitter @Uschi_No_Michi
  14. Big Mister Doom “Wilderness”
    Follow Big Mister Doom on Twitter @bigmisterdoom
  15. bubbles “Pilot Wormholio”
    Follow bubbles on Twitter @bubblesmusic
  16. KTD “Dreams”
    Follow KTD on Twitter @ktd-uk
  17. Exillon “Abysmal Dismal” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Follow Exillon on Twitter @exillon
  18. dustmotes “Saudade”
    Follow dustmotes on Twitter @dustmotes
  19. Somatic Responses “Old Photos”
    Follow Somatic Responses on Twitter @psomatix

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