solipsistic NATION No. 280: Experimedia

ExperimediaToday on solipsistic NATION we’ll listen to select tracks from Experimedia, a record label, shop, and distributor based out of Ohio and established in 2000.

I’ve known about Experimedia for quite some time and it’s kind of surprising that our paths haven’t crossed already. Experimedia consistently puts out quality releases, so much so that when I hear about an album that’s released on Experimedia, I just assume that it’s going to be fantastic. It’s that kind of dedication to excellence that I showcase labels on solipsistic NATION in the first place. This is music you need to hear.

Jeremy Bible is the man behind Experimedia and he’ll also be performing tonight at the RCN CAVE in Akron, Ohio. If you came to solipsistic NATION from that show, then welcome aboard!

Want to hear more beautiful music from Experimedia? Check out the Experimedia mix on Headphone Commute‘s always excellent podcast.

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Speaking of which, join us next week when our guests will be Benji Vaughan who’ll be performing at this years Glade Festival. We’ll also chat with Patti Schmidt from MUTEK and we’ll learn about, the Pandora for electronic music.

See you then!

1:01:07 | 55.97 MB

  1. RxRy “Cygnus”
  2. Damian Valles “Movement III”
  3. Interview with Jeremy Bible, founder of Experimedia
  4. From The Mouth of The Sun “Like Shadows in an Empty Cathedral”
  5. Superstorms “Part 3″
  6. Lawrence English “The Roar Ceasing”
  7. Jannick Schou “Then Filling Your Pockets With Stones”
  8. Keith Freund “The Ortzi”
  9. Interview with Jeremy Bible, founder of Experimedia
  10. Black Swan “The Quiet Divide (Reprise)”
  11. Ben Bennett “yet to be titled”
  12. Celer “Repertoire of Dinless Shifts (Excerpt)”

1:01:07 | 55.97 MB

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