solipsistic NATION No. 285: Song of the Day

Song of the DayThere’s an old saying that 99% of everything is crap. Theater, movies, literature, etc. And in our case, electronic music. 99% of it is crap. Mediocre. Uninspired. Trite. Cliche. Gutless. Excrement.

But here’s the good part—there are so many human beings that statistically there’s an astounding amount of great electronic music in the 1%! So much so, in fact, that I can’t possibly play all of it even on a weekly one hour program. There’s just too much of it! Seemed a shame to keep it to myself so I started Tweeting whatever tracks I was listening to at the moment that I thought were worth hearing.

Problem solved, right?

Not quite.

I listen to a lot of music when I’m on the go and it was frustrating to not always be able to link to the song or album I was listening to.

What to do?

After giving it some thought I created a new section on my blog where I featured the song of the day. That gave me the freedom to not only link to the artist but also include the song or a video of the song of the day, and whenever it’s possible, a free MP3 download of that song.

I’ve posting a song a day for the last month or so and now that I have enough of them under my belt I thought it was time to share some of those songs with you on today’s show. And like the tracks I feature on my blog, the music on today’s show will skip from genre to genre and every track is top notch.

On today’s I prove it to you.

Below are links to purchase music from on today’s show. If you like anything you heard, why not spend a buck or two to support the artists?

See you next week!

Photo Credit: ©mr_cactus

1:06:09 | 60.70 MB

  1. Morgan Page “Loves Mistaken feat. Shelley Harland”
  2. Underhill “Hiding The Light”
  3. Squarepusher “Dark Steering”
  4. Take “Before You Think”
  5. Leaving Richmond “Tiny Things”
  6. Renart “Conte D’Eté”
  7. Tomas Barfod “Broken Glass”
  8. Emsy Prank “Backside”
  9. Pepe Deluxe “Go Supersonic (Radio Edit)”
  10. Wordburglar “Rhyme O’ Clock feat. More Or Les (Clean)”
  11. Bonde Do Role “Kilo”
  12. Busdriver “Bon Bon Fire”
  13. Blockhead “Meet You At Tower Records”
  14. Sidestepper “La Paloma”

1:06:09 | 60.70 MB

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