solipsistic NATION No. 287: Horizontal House

Horizontal HouseLike Lazarus, I return!

Too be fair, Lazarus returned from the dead whereas I have merely returned from three months of working hard to meet a deadline at my job in addition to my daily responsibilities. I’m happy to say that I met that deadline but the last month has been particularly demanding and so I had to miss a few shows.

But I’m back and we’ve got a great mix from Duncan Bain, A.K.A., Orangewarrior.

Duncan first came into my life when I heard his spectacular mixes for the Headphone Commute blog. What I like about his mixes is that not only is his taste in music excellent, he’s not limited to a specific genre. He’ll spin some chillout, then some dubstep and, as in the case of today’s show, he’ll spin some house. The kind of house you might listen to after a long night of clubbing. Wonderful stuff!

I have to keep this short because I’ll be heading out shortly to a farewell party for my friends who will be sailing around the world in two weeks. Maybe I’ll bring this week’s show with me.

They’ll be gone for two years. I miss them already but on the other hand, I know I’ll be reading about their adventures on their blogs, chatting with them on Facebook, and corresponding with them via email. If we’re lucky, we’ll video chat with each other. What a world.

Join us again next week. Not sure what I’ll have in store for you because I’m still catching my breath. If I can pull it off I’ll have a live set from The Teknoist. If not, I’m sure I can put together something that’ll entertain you.

One more thing before I go. As of today I’ll be encoding each edition of solipsistic NATION at 192 kbps. I’ve given this a lot thought and while 128 kbps ensures an easier download it sacrifices some audio fidelity in a format that sacrifices audio fidelity to begin with. Ideally I’d like to release each show at 320 kbps but I feel 192 kbps strikes a nice balance of a not too onerous download and superior listening experience. Duncan’s mix deserves it, right?

Let me know what you think.

Bon voyage!

Photo Credit: ©Cris Rose

1:23:15 | 114.44 MB

  1. Ricardo Rae “Hold On (Chuck Love’s 666 Mix)”
  2. Sierra Sam “Phoney Man”
  3. Interview with Duncan Bain, AKA, Orangewarrior
  4. John Talabot “So Will Be Now feat. Pional”
  5. Ursa’s Reef “Pacific State (808 State Cover)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  6. Jack Dixon “Lose Myself (Dauwd Remix)”
  7. Pixelord “Quartz Boy (i11even remix)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  8. Jacques Greene “Prism”
  9. Koreless “Lost in Tokyo (Jacques Greene Remix)”
  10. Four Tet “128 Harps”
  11. Phon.o “Mosquitoes”
  12. Julio Bashmore “Au Seve”
  13. Mosca “Eva Mendes”
  14. Lopez “Balham Tandoori (LV Remix)”
  15. Drums Of Death “Transistor Rhythm”
  16. Dauwd “Ikopol”
  17. Om’Mas Keith “Girl Is a Player (Om Unit Remix)”

1:23:15 | 114.44 MB

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