solipsistic NATION No. 292: Even Drones Can Fly Away

Even Drones Can Fly AwayToday’s show we’ll been listening to noise and sound. Some of it, like Boyd Rice‘s Sick Tour, is blistering and could reduce a cinder block to dust in mere seconds. Some of it, like Kingbastard‘s “Danlan Speaks” could lull you to a deep, luxurious sleep. Some sounds like the sound of a 56K modem are fast disappearing.

Boyd’s experimentation with sound opened my head up to what music could be. In fact, you can hear his influence in the introduction to each episode of solipsistic NATION. Those harsh frequencies trace their lineage back to Boyd and they kind of serve as a fuck you to the listener. It says: Hey, this is a different kind of show. If it’s not for you, shove off. We don’t need you. Go listen to something safe.

I discovered Boyd right about the time I discovered Survival Research Laboratories and their robot gladiator arenas and V. Vale‘s Re/Search magazines and the Murder Can Be Fun calendars and a whole bunch of other twisted shit that informed who I would become as a young man.

Getting back to noise that fades into oblivion…

The Museum of Endangered Sounds is an online archive of the archaic noises of technology and is here to save the day. The hard static of 56k modems, the sounds of VCRs, and operators of payphones are just some of the sounds that you’ll find at the Museum.

The Museum of Endagered Endangered lists Brendan Chilcutt as the curator of the museum but when I asked him to join us on today’s show I discovered that Brendan is actually a cutout for Phil Hadad, who is just one of the people behind Brendan and the Museum.

Join us again next week for a special live set from Michael Maricle.

See you then!

Photo Credit: ©S2OK

1:04:01 | 88.00 MB

  1. NON/Boyd Rice “Warm Leatherette”
  2. NON/Boyd Rice “Sick Tour”
  3. Interview with Boyd Rice
  4. Laibach “Get Back”
  5. Ambassador21 “Power Rage Riot Death (Legion Mix)”
  6. David Morneau “Exiles (David Morneau Doomsday Mix)”
  7. Dalglish “3.2008″
  8. Kingbastard “Danlan Speaks”
  9. Korallreven “Pago Pago”
  10. Khalija “Khalija Part VII (Flood’s Dream)”
  11. Interview with Phil Hadad, co-curator of the Museum of Endangered Sounds
  12. Toshinori Kondo “Clear Water”
  13. Pale Sketcher “Plans That Fade (Faded Dub)”

1:04:01 | 88.00 MB

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