solipsistic NATION No. 299: The Best Electronic Music of 2012

Best Electronic Music of 2012In the six years of producing solipsistic NATION I’ve never done a “best of show.” There are a couple of reasons for that.

One reason is because there are already enough record stores, magazines and blogs doing a much better job of curating music from the last year than I am. Hell, the Headphone Commute blog dedicates an entire month looking back at the last year alone.

But honestly, I could never care enough to get my act together to do this kind of show. I normally don’t keep track of things like this. Besides, I play the best of electronic music on each show, so I’m doing it do already.

There are times, however, where I did make the effort to stay on top of what I thought was hot for a given year. But those were also the years where my computer would die and I’d lose all the meta data that I used to keep track of music I thought was noteworthy. But this year the stars aligned and I’m here to present to you the best electronic music of 2012.

At least according to iTunes. I created a smart playlist to select music from 2012 with three simple criteria: the music had to have been released in the last year, and I had have given it a high rating and, most importantly, I had to have played the hell out of it. Does that make it the best electronic music of 2012? Maybe not, but it’s good enough for me.

By the way, when I give a numerical ranking all it means is that I played that particular song or album a lot last year and also gave it a high ranking. I didn’t give it any more thought than that.

Show the artists some love by buying a couple of tracks, or albums, if you’re feeling especially extravagant.

Check back again next year and we’ll do it again. And check back next week, we’ve got a special live set from CRL Studios recording artists, Psykkle!

See you then!

1:22:45 | 113.80 MB

  1. Shawn Lee “Tiger Style”
  2. Emsy Prank “Backside”
  3. DJNSM “XYZ”
  4. Piotr Kurek “Heat”
  5. Leaving Richmond “Tiny Things”
  6. Renart “Conte D’Eté”
  7. Tomas Barfod “Broken Glass”
  8. Dorit Chrysler “Winther Glow”
  9. Blockhead “Meet You At Tower Records”
  10. Clark “The Pining Pt3″
  11. Brambles “Reflected Consciousness”
  12. Maps and Diagrams “Oblonga”
  13. DJ Food “A Trick of the Ear (Album Edit)”
  14. wAgAwAgA “phaseyphase”
  15. Deadbeat “Dub Des Erables”

1:22:45 | 113.80 MB

Top 10 Songs of 2012

  1. Blockhead “Meet You At Tower Records”
  2. Clark “The Pining Pt3″
  3. DJNSM “XYZ”
  4. Emsy Prank “Backside”
  5. Leaving Richmond “Tiny Things”
  6. Piotr Kurek “Heat”
  7. Renart “Conte D’Eté”
  8. Shawn Lee “Tiger Style”
  9. Tomas Barfod “Broken Glass”
  10. Underhill “Hiding The Light”

Top 10 Albums of 2012

  1. Headphone Commute …And Darkness Came
  2. Dorit Chrysler Avalanche
  3. Electronic Explorations EE Compilation
  4. Clark Iradelphic
  5. Futuresequence SEQUENCE3
  6. Shawn Lee Synthesizers In Space
  7. Digital Graffiti Volume/One
  8. Piotr Kurek Heat
  9. wAgAwAgA midnight sampler
  10. DJ Food The Search Engine
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