solipsistic NATION No. 301: Spiritech Records

Spiritech RecordsA few years ago I showcased Bak$hish Music, a collective of like-minded artists modeled after Hakim Bey‘s Temporary Autonomous Zone. Bak$hish Music was also indebted to the musical stylings of Bill Laswell, although they were a thing unto themselves with a roster of artists that included the likes of Lingua Lustra and Mauxuam.

Some time afterwards I started seeing releases by a label called Spiritech Records. The label’s name raised an eyebrow and when I looked further I noticed Spiritech Records predominantly featured music from Lingua Lustra. I really dug Lingua Lustra’s music on Bak$hish Music and as much as I wanted to showcase Spiritech I decided to wait until they had filled out their own roster of artists.

A few weeks ago spacesfm did a feature on Spiritech Records, which prompted me to check out how their catalog had grown and I was floored to see that the label had exploded! I wasted no time inviting the label’s founder, Albet Borkent, to join us on today’s show. Turns out he also records and performs under the name Lingua Lustra. Who knew?!

solipsistic NATION covers all of electronic music in it’s many, many forms but there’s a special place in my heart for electronic music that explores the mystical and the psychedelic. That’s something that Spiritech Records does very well. During my chat with Albert I told him that I believed that music from Spiritech Records can experience a heightened state of consciousness. I wasn’t entirely kidding about that. There were several times today’s mix that took me to some interesting places when I let go and my imagination go wild while listening to while listening to music from Spiritech Records. It can happen to you if you let it, so kick back and kiss the sky!

Special shout-out to Andrew from Apple‘s iTunes Store Customer Support.

Last month solipsistic NATION got over a million downloads so I thought I’d check out our page on iTunes. I admit it, I was being vain. I wanted to see if there were any new reviews of the show. But you know what? Apple was no longer displaying my podcast in iTunes. I was upset! Did I lose all my new and regular listeners just like that? And why?

I sent an email to the iTunes Store Customer Support to find out what was going on, not really expecting an answer. But I got a response right away, and that’s how I met Andrew. He helped figure out my problem and within a few days solipsistic NATION was back on iTunes. Not with going into what caused the problem, I’m just glad it got resolved so quickly.

Look, I already love Apple, and this was yet another reason to love them even more, and it’s just another example why they are such a phenomenon.

So, Andrew, if you’re reading this, thanks!

Join us again next week. I’ll be celebrating 300 episodes of solipsistic NATION. I’ll talk about where we’ve been, how the show has exploded in the last year, and where I’ll take the show in 2013. Big news! And of course, great music!

See you then!

1:06:01 | 90.70 MB

  1. Rainbow Vector “Newsflash”
  2. Textural Being “+”
  3. Interview with Albet Borkent, founder of Spiritech Records
  4. Lingua Lustra “Journey With The Flower Mobile To The Central Temple Of Bliss”
  5. Data Rebel “Rifflekt”
  6. Olexa “Wanderer”
  7. Enoruos “Yggdrasil”
  8. Lingua Lustra “Caravan To Utopia”
  9. Interview with Albet Borkent, founder of Spiritech Records
  10. Snufmumriko “Rites Of December”
  11. Lingua Lustra “Fluxon (excerpt)”
  12. Interview with Albet Borkent, founder of Spiritech Records

1:06:01 | 90.70 MB

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