solipsistic NATION No. 302: Narrative Mixing · First Movement · Land

Narrative Mixing · First Movement · LandIf James Joyce was a DJ from America living in the 21st century then Ulysses just might have sounded like Mister Wi$E‘s Narrative Mixing: First Movement, Land.

That explains everything, right?


Brett Wise is Mister Wi$E and Narrative Mixing: First Movement, Land is his epic, sonic, surrealistic, psychedelic tale of our protagonist, making his way in the world using a vocabulary of a staggering amount of samples, songs and found sounds.

Tell you what, why don’t I just quote Brett wholesale.

“What is the fundamental task of a DJ?

“The idea for this sound project began with that question. My answer? Creating an experience tailored specifically to the context. Different contexts should equal entirely different listening experiences. More often than not DJs create mixes that are a mirror of what they’ve been doing in the club. That can be interesting and I’ve done it myself but I wanted to do something more suited to the solitary listener.

“So in exploring the extremes of what I believed a headphone listening experience demanded I created something entirely different from what I’d done in the past.

“So what is this? A mix? A mixtape? A sound collage? It’s not exactly a mix because I don’t actually beat match any songs together. It’s not a mixtape because it’s more than just a collection of songs played one after the other. And it’s not a sound collage because it’s more than just a collection of sounds.

“I’m calling it a narrative mix. It’s music as we find it most of the time, out in the world and thoroughly situated in a context: a hospital, in a car driving down the road with the windows down, in a bar, through an MP3 player whilst walking down the street, etc. And often it is the context that gives the music it’s magical quality. That’s what I’ve tried to do here.

“There’s a story to be found in the sounds if you let your imagination go, but each section stands on it’s own as a vignette designed to impress wonder, curiosity, surprise and a sense of voyeuristic beauty.

“This is the first movement of three.”

Actually, Brett will explain it all in his own words during today’s show. Brett will also return to solipsistic NATION once he completes movements one and two.

Quick note: on today’s show we were going to celebrate 300 episodes of solipsistic NATION. I had big plans and lots of guests. But as long as I’m being completely honest about how solipsistic NATION works, then I have to tell you that producing multi-segmented shows are time consuming and take a lot out of me.

Problem was my epic show just wasn’t coming together the way I wanted. I could either take another week off to get it right, like I did last week, or I could go on with the show. I didn’t want to keep you or Brett waiting any longer, so I opted for the latter.

Join us again next week! By special listener request we’ll hear a live DJ set from Elastic Bond!

See you then!

Photo Credit: ©Mister Wi$E

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Interview with Mister Wi$E

Sound Credits

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Tracks Used (in order of play)

  1. Nest “The Twelve”
  2. Tchad Blake “Mr. Green Speaks”
  3. Nest “Charlotte”
  4. Trus’me “Can We Pretend”
  5. Nils Frahm “Less”
  6. Headphone Commute “For Nils”
  7. Erik Satie “Gymnopédies Lent Et Douloureux”
  8. Rhye “The Fall”
  9. Guitar Crusher “When a Man Loves a Woman”
  10. Sing Wei “Latch”
  11. Erik Satie “Gymnopédies Lent Et Triste”
  12. Todd Terje “Inspector Norse”

1:05:24 | 90.07 MB

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