solipsistic NATION No. 307: The Code to My Heart

The Code to My HeartToday on solipsistic NATION

Never before in human history has so much information been available to so many people. You’d think that would be a good thing, right? But it can be overwhelming. What to do? Zite CEO Mark Johnson offers a solution on how to deliver your favorite magazines, newspapers, authors, blogs, and videos right to your phone or tablet. I’ve been using Zite the last couple of years to help me stay on top of everything that’s going on in the electronic music community. Through Zite I can read articles from such respected sources as The Quietus, Factmag, XLR8R and more. Electronic music related news is only one of the sources Zite offers. Politics, technology, arts and culture—Zite has it all!

The Search Engine is the latest album from DJ Food, and it devours everything DJ Food has previously released even as it moves in new directions. I’ve been a fan of DJ Food as far back as late last century. I love the noirish psychedelic sounds and samples, and anyone who incorporates the ironic poetry of Ken Nordine into their music, well, their okay in my book.

The Other Guy’s Stephen Lombardo‘s latest EP, The Long Drive, has a lot of joy distilled into it: his engagement, the birth of his daughter… But there’s also some tragedy to it. The Other Guy and was one of the artists I featured on the show when I launched solipsistic NATION as a podcast seven years ago. The Other Guy’s music has always been sexy, lush and dark. Perfect fit for today’s show, right?

Ronan Carroll of Grouse returns to solipsistic NATION with his new album, Heads. Same Grouse. New sounds! I’ve played Grouse’s music on the show several times in the past and he even made a brief appearance on solipsistic NATION way back in 2007, so it’s be good to have him on the show again for a longer conversation.

I actually recorded the interviews months ago, but as you know, I took the summer off after I crashed and burned producing solipsistic NATION. I spend nearly every free minute working on this show and once solipsistic NATION started taking off and getting millions of downloads every month, I took on bigger and more ambitious projects. I also planned to open the show to outside contributors to help expand the show. But I put the carriage before the horse. I started tackling those projects before I had the staff to take all of that on. Like I said, solipsistic NATION consumes all my free time and energy. I burned myself out. I couldn’t sustain that all by myself.

I’ve spent the last few months away from music and podcasting. Almost all media, in fact. I needed it. But I’m back and recharged. But there will have to be some changes to solipsistic NATION if I want to continue without exhausting myself like before, and that’s where you come in.

If you like the show and want to support the show, tell a friend about solipsistic NATION. Tweet about us on Twitter. Flatter us on Flattr or purchase a solipsistic NATION t-shirt. If there’s an artist or label you’d like to send my way for consideration to be on future shows, send me an email. I also plan to take a 3 week vacation from solipsistic NATION every spring, summer, fall and winter. During that time I’ll have guest hosts and DJs running the show while I’m away. If you’re a DJ or if you think you’d make a good guest host, you can also shoot me an email.

I’ll go into more detail about how I plan to make solipsistic NATION bigger and better on next week’s show!

One last thing, and it’s important.

Troy Psymbolic, of the Psymbolic multimedia label, was recently diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome and autoimmune response and he needs your help. If you can spare him 10 or 20 dollars or more it would make all the difference in his life. That’s about the cost of an album these days, right? Why not spend it on Troy?

For more information got to

Okay, that’s about it. Join us again next week. I have a few guests in mind but I’ll keep that under wraps until their confirmed.

See you then!

Photo Credit: ©Nestor Prado

1:09:25 | 95.40 MB

  1. DJ Food feat. DK “Sentinel (Shadow Guard)”
  2. DJ Food feat. 2econd Class Citizen “Magpie Music”
  3. Interview with Mark Johnson, CEO of Zite
  4. DJ Food “In Orbit Every Monday”
  5. DJ Food “A Trick of the Ear (Album Edit)”
  6. Interview with Strictly Kev of DJ Food
  7. The Other Guy “Morning Call”
  8. The Other Guy “Illusions”
  9. Interview with Stephen Lombardo of The Other Guy
  10. Grouse “Arm The Harmless”
  11. Grouse “Silent Protest”
  12. Interview with Ronan Carroll of Grouse

1:09:25 | 95.40 MB

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