solipsistic NATION No. 31: 1337

L33TBack in September I released a documentary about nerdcore on solipsistic NATION. That epsiode got such an overwhelming response that I thought it was time do another show on the genre. Besides, I identify more with songs about video games and comic books than songs about drive-by shootings and smacking bitches.

If you dig the songs on today’s show you can download all of them and more at the Rhyme Torrents web site.

Since we’ll be listening to nerdcore on today’s show, I thought it would appropriate to give away a few tshirts from J!NX. J!NX specializes in clothing for discerning gamers and geeks. You know, people like you.

Hit me up with an email at and you could be a lucky winner of one J!NX tshirt of your choice.

Photo Credit: Elinay

  1. Benjamin Bear “Interlude”
  2. Old Scratch “To Hell With Hip Hop”
  3. Metamystiks Incorporated “Superior Beings (Ft. ArmageddonMan)”
  4. Dr. Octagon “Ants”
  5. Myf “Top Secret (featuring Masta Cwik)”
  6. Super Dragon X “When You Wanna Win: The Cheate”
  7. Futuristic Sex Robot “WoW”
  8. Nursehella “Nursehellamentary”
  9. Beefy “Tub of Tabasco”
  10. MC Hawking “Rock Out With Your Hawk Out”
  11. Baddd Spellah and MC Frontalot “Nerdcore Hip-Hop 2006″
  12. Benjamin Bear “The Last Fantasy”
  13. Rai “Big Lie”
  14. Ultraklystron “So Long Kids”
  15. funky49 and Redvoid “RPG (Rhymes of Phatness and Greatness)”
  16. Baddd Spellah “Gawd Particlez”
  17. YTcracker “In My Time”

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