solipsistic NATION No. 33: 3rd Stone From The Sun

3rd Stone From The SunOn this week’s edition of solipsistic NATION we’ll focus on electronic music infused with rhythms and sounds from around the world.

Some call this subgenre of electronic music ethnotechno while others call it world beat. Maybe the reason it escapes such easy categorization is because this kind of electronic music borrows from so many cultures and is performed and composed by so musicians across the planet. Is ethnotechno electronic music that incorporates global rhythms and sounds? Or is it music composed by artists from different countries? Or both? We’ll ask Derek Beres, author of Global Beat Fusion: The History of the Future of Music, this question on today’s show.

Broken EnglishSpeaking of global beat fusion, this week’s solipsistic NATION give away is Karsh Kale‘s CD, Broken English.

On Broken English, London born and New York raised Karsh Kale balances his Indian heritage with rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop and atmospheric pop for his most diverse release to date. His third studio release, Kale works with a talented cast of collaborators including MC Napoleon and vocalists Trixie Reiss (The Crystal Method), film composer Salim Merchant (one half of the “it” Bollywood composer team, Salim-Sulaiman) and Dierdre of Ekova.

Send me an email at and you might find yourself the lucky winner of Karsh Kale’s Broken English.

Photo Credit: Osvaldo_Zoom

  1. Banco de Gaia “Kara Kum (Radio Edit)”
  2. Karsh Kale “Hole in the Sky”
  3. Welder “Shiva”
  4. Soma “Baal”
  5. ZAMAN 8 & Hafez Modir “Sani”
  6. Marsicano “Ganges”
  7. MIDIval PunditZ “Piya”
  8. Bitstream Dream “Flight of the Diplasiocoela (Ft. Sandhya Sanjana)”
  9. Mr. Tunes “Metamorphosis”
  10. Maïdo Project “Galatasaray (Remix)”
  11. Blue Tribe “Sun King”
  12. Cheb I Sabbah “Madh Assalhin (Praising of the Saints Ft. Haddaretes)”
  13. Interview with Derek Beres, author of Global Beat Fusion: The History of the Future of Music
  14. Land “Bustle”

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  • jason {macedonia}

    beautiful show today, joe. so you’re down with Podshow now? nice – when did that happen?

    and before i forget, i’ve been meaning to tell you thank you for the dubstep show. that episode was my education on the sound. prior to that, i had heard of it, but didn’t really know what it was all about. both the dubstep and the ethnotechno episodes are among the best so far.

  • solipsisticnation

    Thanks, Jason!

    I actually hooked up with PodShow about two months ago. It took me a while to get things organized on my end because I’ve been crazy busy at work. Also, I wanted to wait until the sponsorship with came to a close before moving forward with PodShow.

    I really enjoy doing solipsistic NATION and I think it’s one of the best electronic music podcasts on the web. I’d like to reach a wider audience so I’m hoping a relationship with PodShow will help make that happen.

    By the way, I really appreciate you telling me which episodes are your favorite.

    The ethnotechno show came together perfectly but it would be hard to go wrong with the artists featured on the episode. I mean, Cheb I Sabbah, MIDIval PunditZ, Karsha Kale… what’s not to like? I really loved the dubstep show, too, but I wan’t sure how it would go over. Dubstep can be so minimal and repetive that some people just don’t dig the genre.

    I don’t think I could tell you which episodes of solipsistic NATION are my favorite because I think almost every show is fantastic.

    While obviously some are better than others I have different reasons why I consider some episodes are my favorite. For example, I love the Just Chill because all the songs are beaitful and work so well with each other in establishing a mood for that episode. I wasn’t crazy about all the songs on the Exquisite Corpse episode but I’m fond of that show because it took chances and was so eclectic. I’m don’t enjoy house music but I think the Sexy Beast is one of the best episodes I’ve done on solipsistic NATION. And I’m especially proud of the Chiptunes and Nerdcore documentaries I’ve released.

    Thise are just some of my favorite episodes but I’m more interested in what shows other people have enjoyed. So far people have told me that they like the industrial, nerdcore and trip hop shows. Just by watching my stats I’ve noticed that both the house and nerdcore episodes get huge downloads. Maybe someone needs to create a genrte of electronic music called nerdhouse.

  • Matt

    Love the show. I’ve been listening for a couple months now. Thanks for introducing me to a RAD new genre of music (nerdcore).

    Hey, what’s with your hard-to-spell name? I’ve tried to tell people about your site, but nobody can spell it (I can’t even spell it!). I had to look at my RSS feeds to get the correct spelling for your name.

    Dude… just get a second, easier-to-spell domain and point it to Seriously now :)

    How about “”?… it’s available! Or “” or “”…. PLEASE!

    Not to dis your show, ’cause it’s awesome. Just… get a better name, dude :)