solipsistic NATION No. 47: California Dreaming

California DreamingI moved to San Diego from Boston in 2000 and after seven years in California I still feel like I’m living in a dream. The palm trees still delight me and the wide open skies still take my breath away.

While I was living in New England people told me time and time again that because of my laid back attitude that I should move to California. Originally I had planned to San Francisco but my plans changed when I met Danielle. We had begun dating and a few months before things became serious between us she had made plans to move back to her home in San Diego.

After driving with her cross country and visiting her city for a week she said I should move to San Diego. I was in love and what’s life without a few grand romantic gestures? So I moved to the west coast.

It’s a cliché: I moved for the girl and stayed for the weather.

On today’s solipsistic NATION I’m going to share the dream of California with you. All the bands who appear on this week’s show are from the left coast. If you close your eyes you can imagine the palm trees gently swaying against a big, blue sky while the music plays.

Photo credit: Scott Waterman

  1. Ooah “Hacksaw”
  2. DJ Frane “The Impossible Dream”
  3. Mono “Life in Mono”
  4. Heroin Skinny “Shape of Pain”
  5. The Moscow Coup Attempt “Do You Fear Sleep?”
  6. Halou “Honeythief”
  7. Moosefrog “En la Oscuridad (Ft. Anji Bee)”
  8. Lovespirals “Trouble”
  9. Doublehead Music “Work It Out”
  10. samix “ghostshrimp”
  11. Frog Pronounced Ball “Frogman”
  12. Maccar “Even if the Sonogram Reveals Weeds, I Am Still Giving Birth”
  13. KHURSOR “Authentic Power (Spatial Remix)”
  14. Robert Rich “Liquid Air”
  15. Promo: The Chillcast with Anji Bee

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  • solipsisticnation

    I completely forgot to thank Don Nova from Ovatronics Entertainment for giving me the idea for this week’s show. A few months back he sent me a link that listed hip hop and trip hop bands from California that are popular on MySpace. I started listening to the band’s music on their web pages and decided to do an all Califronia show.

    Thanks, Don!

    If you’re interested, here’s the link that Don sent me…

    Bazooka Joe

  • Travis

    Mono is an oldie but a goodie! its not a perfect album, but theres some real trip-hop gems on Formica Blues. cool to hear that older Robert Rich track too- ill have to dig up that album and listen to it again. im definitely looking forward to the upcoming feature!

  • jason {macedonia}

    gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS show, man. been well over ten years since i was last in San Diego. clearly i need to get back there at some point…

    saw your tweet about appearing on The Chillcast in the near future – nice. you and Anji Bee on the same show – what could be better?

  • solipsisticnation


    I had never heard of Mono until I decided to to do a show all about bands from California. One of the things I like about doing theme shows is that it introduces me to bands I would otherwise n=know nothing about.

    I was really happy to play “Liquid Air” on today’s show. Back when I was a DJ a WMFO I sometimes would do two or three hours of ambient music while I was out of my head and “Liquid Air” was one of those songs that just floored me. When I interviewed Robert I was psyched when he gave me permission to play “Liquid Air.”

    I’m really looking forward to next month’s show featuring tracks from Robert’s live performances. Now I just have to sort through over three hours of music to choose the songs I want to play on the show, but that’s more of a pleasure than a task.

    For those of you who have a voracious appetite for music I urge you to head over to Travis’s web site, Hidden Place Music. Travis has great taste and he’ll definitely turn you on to some great stuff! Now if I could just convince him to do a podcast :-)

    Bazooka Joe

  • solipsisticnation


    What could be better than having Anji Bee and me on one show? Having you on my show, of course!

    As long as I’m giving out links, you should all head over to Jason’s web site, Both Sides of the Surface, and subscribe to his podcast. Jason always puts out phenomenal shows so why deny yourself?

    And Jason? Let me know the next time you’re in the left coast and we’ll get together. It would be cool to meet one of my ‘net friends!

    Bazooka Joe

  • Scott Waterman
  • solipsisticnation


    Thanks again for letting me use your graphic from your Flickr account!

    While solipsistic NATION is an electronic music podcast I like to support art and design culture where I can. I sometimes do that through t-shirt giveaway contests from companies that I think are producing some wonderful stuff but more recently I’ve been trying to find photos and graphics from Flickr that convey the theme of each show. When I was putting together this week’s show and saw Scott’s graphic I knew it would be absolutely perfect.

    I love social networks!

    Bazooka Joe

  • anji bee

    great episode, joe. thanks for playing the lovespirals and moosefrog tracks.

    it was nice to hear robert’s sweet little voice. :) i’ll look forward to hearing your interview with him! i’m playing a track from his latest release on this week’s chillcast, so be sure to check that out at!

  • solipsisticnation


    I have to thank you again for putting me in touch with Robert. I’ve been a fan of his music for the last 13 years so I was thrilled to be able “Liquid Air” on this week’s show. I can’t wait to release the upcoming solipsistic NATION featuring select tracks from some of his live performances!

    I’m really looking forward to hearing your interview with Robert on your show. Your interviews are always so intimate and you ask really insightful questions.

    And thanks again for letting me play “Trouble” and Moosefrog’s “En la Oscuridad.” when the new Lovespiral’s album comes I’d love to play some tracks on the show and do an interview with you and Ryan.

    Bazooka Joe

  • Gretchen

    Another lovely show but I want more T_SHORT GIVEAWAYS!!! :-)

  • solipsisticnation

    T-shorts? Oh, you must mean t-shirts! ;-)

    I’ll get right on that!

    Bazooka Joe

  • solipsisticnation

    I thought I’d share this post from Fernando’s blog about the California Dreaming edition of solipsistic NATION

    Thanks, Fernando!

    musical memory
    I spent today walking through DC with my iPod, listening to the last few episodes of Solipsistic Nation. (All you fans of any genre electronic music — I know this includes most of my list — download some episodes now. DJ Bazooka Joe knows his stuff.) I was reminded of an encounter with peshpeters at one point in my journey.

    It was late afternoon, episode 49 (California Dreaming) was on, and Mono’s Life in Mono started playing. I like the song…it was on frequent rotation on my Winamp playlist back in ’97. :) It wasn’t my past appreciation for the song that made an impression, though. Something just clicked. The people around me, the National Archives in front of me, the low-positioned sun to my right…everything was *right*. The song fit the scene perfectly.

    Immediately, I was transported to a scene from my undergrad days. I was sitting on a bench beside a pine tree next to Wheeler Hall. I was playing my lute, enjoying Berkeley’s early Spring sun warmth (and the inevitable display of female skin with said early Spring sun warmth), when peshpeters walked up and sat beside me. We talked about music and one of our mutual favorite pastimes of people-watching in Sproul Plaza between classes when he brought up a merging between the two. “What do you listen to when you watch them?” he asked.

    “I dunno,” I responded, “whatever’s handy at the time, I guess. Jordi Savall’s new La Folia CD is in my player currently.”

    “Try it with Moby’s Bodyrock” he said. “This place just melts into the song…it’s a perfect background for people-watching.”

    I guess I listened but did not hear. Today, I understood. 90s pop electronica is the soundtrack of urban movement.