solipsistic NATION No. 56: Cheb i Sabbah

Cheb i SabbahOn today’s show we’re joined by special guest, Cheb i Sabbah.

Cheb represents, in part, the transition when DJs went from spinning music to producing music. Whereas DJ Shadow dug through crates to find the rare vinyl he would use to create his masterpiece album, Entroducing…, Cheb traveled to places like India and North Africa to record traditional music for his albums such as Shri Durga and La Kahena.

This week on solipsistic NATION we’re going to talk with Cheb and listen to a restrospective mix of his musical career so far. I want to thank Six Degrees Records and Cheb i Sabbah for making this week’s show possible.

Photo credit: James A.K.A. “cookiecrook”

  1. Cheb i Sabbah “Govinda”
  2. Interview with Cheb i Sabbah
  3. Cheb i Sabbah “Raja Vedalu”
  4. Cheb i Sabbah “Radhe Krishna (The Babu Chandidasa Mix)”
  5. Cheb i Sabbah “Ganga Dev (The Prakriti – Purusha Mix River of Mercury)”
  6. Cheb i Sabbah “Rupa Tujhe Deva (The Karsh Kale Gopi Girl Mix)”
  7. Cheb i Sabbah “Shri Durga (FunDaMental Organic Chill Mix)”
  8. Cheb i Sabbah “Jarat Fil Hub (Love’s Chalice)”
  9. Cheb i Sabbah “Im Ninalou (The Groovio Deep End Remix)”
  10. Cheb i Sabbah “Esh ‘Dani, Alash Mshit (The Rai of Light Club Remix)”
  11. Interview with Cheb i Sabbah

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