solipsistic NATION No. 66: NetLabels

NetLabelssolipsistic NATION has put me in touch with a lot of interesting and creative people, from recording artists and music labels to video jockeys and bloggers.

One listener of the show is Travis who runs the Hiddenplace Music blog. A few week’s back Travis wrote about the Discos Konfort‘s No Copy Protection netlabel and it occurred to me that the only netlabel that I focused on was Jahtari, and that was back in February.

Netlabels play a big part in promoting and distributing electronic music and so for today’s show I wanted to turn you onto just a few netlabels putting out some incredible stuff!

Our first guest will be Axel Barcelo, who manages Discos Konfort and the No Copy Protection netlabel. Discos Konfort is one of the more recent netlabels on the scene and release some fantastic electronic music from Mexico and beyond.

We’ll also talk with Sebastian Redenz who co-manages the German based Thinner netlabel. Thinner has had over two million mp3 downloads and is one of the older netlabels and they will be celebrating their 10th anniversary next year.

Our final guest will be Simon Carless, who runs Monotonik, which is one of the oldest netlabels. Monotonik is an outlet for talented artists who weren’t getting the attention they deserved and have released over 300 tracks from a variety of electronic musicians from all over the world.

KleenHouseDuring this week’s show we’ll also talk with Todd Kiyoshi Tanaka, owner of KleenHouse Clothing Inc., based in San Diego, California.

KleenHouse Clothing brings you the absolute latest in urban wear and hip-hop gear. Featuring custom-made graffiti belt buckles, the freshest threads for all ages and a look into the world of underground hip-hop and breakdancing. Puma watches, belt buckles, belts, spraypaint and spray cans.

I’ve been walking by KleenHouse for months and it was always closed. The windows were always blocked off so it was a mystery exactly what KleenHouse was. Finally, KleenHouse opened and I walked in and introduced myself to Todd. I told Todd about the show and that I promote art and design culture and asked if her he would be interested in running a t-shirt giveaway contest on the show. Todd was up for it and surprised me by throwing in a pendant into the deal.

We’re only giving away one KleenHouse t-shirt on this week’s show. Email me at or leave a message on the solipsistic NATION voice mail at 1-619-377-0538 and you could be the lucky winner. I’ll announce the winner in two weeks.

  1. Interview with Axel Barcelo of Discos Konfort
  2. Cri Kong “Hash Oil”
  3. Polifonia Visual “Hash Oil”
  4. Rubinskee “Rambling”
  5. Hermetic Sound “Rincon”
  6. Interview with Sebastian Redenz of Thinner
  7. krill.minima “Strandpalast”
  8. Laura Palmer “Evolve”
  9. Christian Dittmann “Rechazamos El Ahora”
  10. Marko Fürstenberg “Porn Infection (Remix)”
  11. Interview with Todd Kiyoshi Tanaka of KleenHouse Clothing Inc.
  12. Protov “Be Rich and Famous Like the Famous Amos”
  13. Interview with Simon Carless of Monotonik
  14. Bird Lantern “Phasers”
  15. Beak “Context Clues”
  16. transient “cloudwalk”
  17. Chromatic Flights “Trip to Wipilon”
  18. Sonmi451 “Inner Structure”

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  • travis

    great episode, and thanks for the kind words! i’m definitely looking forward to finishing out the guest mix.
    i espcially liked the art+music idea that axel talked about, and that you followed up on with the shirt giveaway. its always cool when all kinds of artists collaborate. i’m also a graphic designer, musician, and electronic music fan, so i can relate!

  • solipsisticnation

    Hey, Travis, glad you liked the show. And thanks for writing about No Copy Protection. You always turn me on to the very best stuff.

    As it happens, I am also a graphic/web designer. That’s why I run those t-shirt giveaway contests. Come to think of it, electronic music always has the best graphics.

    Can’t wait to have you on the show and hear your mixes!

    Bazooka Joe

  • transient

    enjoyed your netlabel show! thanks alot. peace.

  • solipsisticnation


    Glad you liked the show. Loved your song!

    Bazooka Joe

  • Josh

    thnx for playing my protov tracks

  • solipsisticnation


    The pleasure was all mine. I’m glad I found you through Monotonik.

    Bazooka Joe

  • Rob

    Thinner Label …… I love EVERYTHING Thinner rls :)

    downloading now !!!

    Thanks Joe,


  • solipsisticnation

    Thanks, Rob.

    I’m still making my way through your monster netlabel show on Electronic Explorations. That’s two hours of awesome music!

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