solipsistic NATION No. 75: DJ Olive, Live

DJ OlivePhoto Credit: Kay-Christian Heine

I have to say I’m really really impressed with how well the live electronic music performance segments on solipsistic NATION have turned out. In the last couple of months we’ve had some stellar sets from Nalepa, Hol Baumann and the Dub Beautiful Collective. We’re going to kick off February with DJ Olive‘s performance recorded in Australia from on his album, Heaps As, Live in Tasmania, released by The Agriculture.

Rather than opening with a bombastic intro, DJ Olive’s music slyly creeps in, establishing some nice head nodding beats. Almost without you knowing it, Olive takes you on a journey that, to me, sonically captures what it’s like walk through the streets of New York City. DJ Olive’s music seamlessly blends hip hop, funk, jazz, dub, dancehall and Latin rhythms, often within a single song! A lesser artist might have chosen to draw attention to all those genres by rubbing your face in it but here Olive creates an organic mosaic of where those styles and traditions flow together. He does it so well that it’s almost impossible to imagine his music sounding any other way.

If you enjoy this week’s show then you might want to check out an earlier edition of solipsistic NATION featuring an interview with James Healy from The Agriculture and a mix of music from the label, including DJ Olive.

  1. DJ Olive “Bin Raider”
  2. Interview with DJ Olive
  3. DJ Olive “Lila Dog”
  4. DJ Olive “The Furry Whale”
  5. DJ Olive “Heaps As”
  6. DJ Olive “Laughing Eyes”
  7. DJ Olive “All’a'ya’alls”
  8. DJ Olive “Budgie Smuggler’s Cove”
  9. Interview with DJ Olive
  10. DJ Olive “Dancing With Poxy Stingers”
  11. DJ Olive “Follow Me I’ll Be Right Behind You”
  12. DJ Olive “They’ll Make Us All Want to Hate Each Other Don’t Do It”
  13. DJ Olive “At Least Some Knots Get Untangled”
  14. DJ Olive “Snail Trails In My Arms”
  15. DJ Olive “Agriculture Under the Tractor”
  16. Interview with DJ Olive
  17. DJ Olive “Sub Bass Commandante” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  18. DJ Olive “Bitchiman & Tenderfoot”
  19. DJ Olive “Time for You…”
  20. Interview with DJ Olive

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