solipsistic NATION No. 79: HiddenPlace Music, Part 1

hiddenplace musicWhen I began solipsistic NATION I didn’t make any attempt to make the show commercially viable. My mission was to play electronic music that I love and if people listening to the show happened to love what I was playing, I considered that a bonus.

I wasn’t being entirely self-serving. I was playing quality music so I knew I was bound to pick up an audience, even if it was a niche audience. And I was right. Over the years, solipsistic NATION has attracted an ever growing audience. And that’s where it gets interesting.

People often find their way to solipsistic NATION because they are just as passionate about electronic music as I am. And that shared passion sparks some wonderful conversations, which often leads to friendships.

Nearly a year ago I met Travis Nobles, who runs the hiddenplace music blog. Travis and I share similar taste in music and he constantly exposes me to new artists I most likely would have never heard about and usually those artists are on netlabels.

Travis is so dead-on about the artists he reviews that I invited him to be a guest DJ on solipsistic NATION because I knew he would select some stellar music for the show. The other reason I had Travis come on the show is because that while our tastes are comparable, he tends to pick out music that is more ethereal than I would normally listen to. But it is exactly that difference that makes listening to his music such a beautiful experience; he turns me on to stuff that I might otherwise miss. That forces me to expand my horizons and ultimately keeps solipsistic NATION fresh and exciting.

  1. Xurba “You Are a Circle”
  2. Workbench “De La Terre À La Cime (I & II)”
  3. Interview with Travis Nobles of hiddenplace music
  4. Sabi “Dried Flowers, Mirrored World”
  5. Planet Boelex “Forever and Always (Feat. K)”
  6. Mikael Fyrek “The Tiny Greens and Whites”
  7. muxu “Moving at 30″
  8. Iambic2 “Regulus”
  9. Nest “Charlotte”
  10. Le Mépris “susu”
  11. Deluge “The Crush”
  12. Audiokonstrukte “Disfiction”
  13. Interview with Travis Nobles of hiddenplace music
  14. Promo: Fallen Nation

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  • Headphone Commute

    This was a great show that resonated pretty much with what I do. I’ve been writing independently about music for a while now, and the project sort of morphed into a blog where I cover today’s electronic and instrumental (post rock, modern classical) music. I don’t promote any specific label or artist, nor try to stay on top of the recent releases, and occasionally write up on a gem from five or even ten years ago. It’s really nice to know that there are others out there like me, exposing great music simply for the love of it.

  • solipsisticnation

    Thanks for listening to this week’s show, HC.

    After I wrote up the show notes for this week’s solipsistic NATION I have to admit that looking back they made me cringe. Maybe it’s just me (I hope it’s just me), but I thought I came off as a kind of pompous jerk. But your post proves my point. People who are passionate about the music they love tend to want to share that music with like minded individuals. We just can’t help ourselves! Just go to a used record store on any given weekend to see what I’m talking about :-)

    I just subscribed to your Feedburned feed and I look forward to discovering the gems you’ve unearthed!

  • travis

    nah, i dont think you sound like a pompous jerk, Joeseph! ;) youre right on– no need for massive self-promotion; if you make a quality product, the right audience will find it sooner or later..

    and thanks for the subtle self-promotion, HC. your blog sounds right up my alley. i subscribed too, and ill definitely be checking it out regularly.

    and to listeners– one thing i forgot to mention in the interview: all the excellent releases featured in this episode are (except the first track) available for free download. just follow the links provided.. the Planet Boelex release is also available as lossless FLAC files for a small donation-based fee.

  • solipsisticnation

    Thanks, Travis.

    I’m obviously very proud of solipsistic NATION but I sometimes worry that it might come off as being smug. ‘Nuff said about that.

    By the way, I played Planet Boelex’s “Forever and Always” and Anji Bee’s NIU Support Collabocast. It was the perfect song to play and I expect that quite a few people will travel to Planet Boelex.

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