solipsistic NATION No. 84: Planet Boelex, Live

Planet BoelexThere is so much electronic music coming out these days that more and more I’ve come to rely on blogs. Just as solipsistic NATION acts as a filter to what is the best of all genres of electronic music so to do the blogs I frequent. And what blogs do I read?

Pitchfork is a great source for music news but Pitchfork’s reporting is broad in scope and I find myself having to sift through a lot of articles to find information useful to me. XLR8R is more in line with the kind of music I’m interested in but I don’t rely on XLR8R alone. is a fantastic site for reviews of experimental electronic music. Igloo Magazine is a great site for reviews of electronic music, although I wish they would have more in-depth articles and reviews. More recently I’ve begun following the Headphone Commute and Phlow Magazine. Headphone Commute posts articles featuring music that I really enjoy as well as interesting and concise interviews with electronic musicians. Phlow Magazine extensively covers free MP3 music culture, which is great because you can download the music they review as you read their articles.

I’m a big fan of Travis Nobles hiddenplace music blog. I respect Travis’s thoughts on music so much that I had him on solipsistic NATION as a guest DJ back in February. One of the artists he featured in his mix was Planet Boelex. I was so taken with Planet Boelex that I contacted Ossi, the man who is Planet Boelex, to arrange an interview and to feature his release, Live At Virus Festival 2007, Lithuania, on today’s show.

The music of Planet Boelex is a sonic soundscape that envelopes you like gossamer but is rooted in driving beats and an emotionally complex structure, giving his music a depth and force that belies it’s tenuous first impressions. Just as Ossi’s music metamorphasizes so to does his performances. Live At Virus Festival 2007, Lithuania is a document of Ossi’s development as an artist at a specific time in his life. Ossi is constantly honing his craft and his next live release will significantly different from his previous release. Today’s show represents a snapshot of where Planet Boelex was in 2007. I can’t even begin to imagine where he is now.

  1. Planet Boelex “Forever and Always”
  2. Interview with Planet Boelex
  3. Planet Boelex “Untitled”
  4. Interview with Planet Boelex
  5. Planet Boelex “Shower Curtain”
  6. Interview with Planet Boelex
  7. Planet Boelex “Seagull Scene”
  8. Interview with Planet Boelex
  9. Planet Boelex “Untitled”
  10. Planet Boelex “Suunta”
  11. Interview with Planet Boelex
  12. Planet Boelex “Blinded Of You”
  13. Interview with Planet Boelex
  14. Planet Boelex “Sim Ten”
  15. Planet Boelex “Direction Backwards”
  16. Planet Boelex “100kn”
  17. Interview with Planet Boelex

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  • mo.

    thank you for your compliments and mentioning us :) cheers from cologne/germany and hope you find more interesting sounds to download in the future!


  • solipsisticnation

    Glad you found the show, Mo. I love Phlow Magazine!

    Hey, at some point I’d like to have you on the show as a guest DJ. Let me know what you think.