solipsistic NATION No. 89: Record Label Records

Record Label RecordsI’ve got a great show for you today! Well, actually, Robbie Martin from Record Label Records has got a great show for you. I’m just the host for this week’s shin dig.

I first met Robbie about four months ago when he was kind enough to send me his latest album Gaseous Opal Orbs. I enjoyed his CD so much that I had him on the show as a guest. I twas only then I found out that Robbie is the founder of Record Label Records. That’s one of the joys of producing solipsistic NATION, the show constantly surprises me with the people it puts me in contact with.

Record Label Records is a cool indie label that features such artists as Scorn, Kush Arora ( who I’ve also had on the show as a guest, by the way) and Sote. I like Robbie’s label because he features music by artists who fall on the experimental side of electronic music but lacks the pretension of your more artier musicians. There seems to be an element of playfulness and adventurousness than your typical soundsmiths who are usually over serious.

  1. Fluorescent Grey w/Laurie AK “Pea Leery”
  2. Kush Arora “Surya Dub”
  3. Scorn “Pin Down”
  4. Fluorescent Grey “Blue Glue”
  5. Interview with Robbie Martin of Record Label Records
  6. Nommo Ogo “Induction (Excerpt)”
  7. Fluorescent Grey “Hold Down + HK + START to Play as Kintaro”
  8. Lich “Shadow Men”
  9. Tomoroh Hidari “Shranzhall”
  10. Contagious Orgasm w/ Jiver Dicker “A1″
  11. Fluorescent Grey “EBM Nightmare”
  12. Dalglish “16b”
  13. Interview with Robbie Martin of Record Label Records
  14. Scuzi “Vanishing Twin Syndrome”
  15. Kush Arora “Garage Riddim”
  16. Sote “Trip”
  17. Nommo Ogo “Aisha”
  18. Interview with Robbie Martin of Record Label Records

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  • Adam Trimble

    I checked out your show a while ago, and I wanted to email you because I think you have a really great concept. Your shows are interesting, and I’ve had fun listening through them. The episodes keep getting better and better.

    I’m always looking around for new shows to listen to because I’m a podcaster too. I do a weekly music review show called Have You Heard. We interview musicians, talk about music news, and review two new records every week. You should check it out. I’d love some feedback on the show.

  • solipsisticnation

    Hey, thanks for the kind words! I just got home form work and I’m going to give your show a listen.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend!

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