solipsistic NATION No. 70: Melange

MelangeMy iPod is always loaded with a half dozen electronic music podcasts that I listen to without fail. Each week I wait with baited breath for the XLR8R and Beatport podcasts.

Released less frequently but waited with no less anticipation are podcasts like the Indian Electronica podcast and DJ Bulut‘s New Turkish Beat podcast.

Indian Electronica is a Canadian-based online community, record label, radio station and annual international music festival – all focused on showcasing cutting edge electronic music inspired by South Asian traditions. The podcast is an eclectic sampling of electronic music produced around the world. You can also catch their stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week straight out of Toronto. Previous shows have included mixes by DJ Spooky and Tony Estrada.

DJ Bulut hosts the equally eclectic New Turkish Beat podcast. Bulut has an exquisite taste for the mixes he puts together and has an extensive show notes at his blog.

Since this week’s solipsistic NATION was so heavily influenced by the Indian Electronica and the New Turkish Beat podcasts I wanted to have DJ Bulut on to talk about his show and have him contribute to the mix.

The mix, by the way, is dynamite!

I’ve been a big fan of Vijaya Anand for years so it was a privilege to play one of his tracks on today’s show. A special shout-out goes to Christina from Motel Records for letting me play Dan the Automator‘s remix of Kalyanji & Anandji V. Shay’s “Uptown Bollywood Nights” from the now classic Bombay the Hardway CD. And once again, Ad Noiseam and Sound-Ink Records continues to blow my mind with tracks from Enduser and Mutamassik. What a great way to close 2007!

Photo credit: © 2007 Jennifer Oatsvall

  1. Vijaya Anand “Aatavu Chanda (Dancing Is Beautiful)”
  2. Madlib “Early Party”
  3. Oh No “Ohhhhhh”
  4. DJ OM “The Arrival”
  5. Kalyanji & Anandji V. Shay “Uptown Bollywood Nights”
  6. Soulphonic Soundsystem “Eastern Market”
  7. Mutamassik “High Alert A’al Geddu Featuring 4th Pyramid”
  8. Özgür Sakar A.K.A. Misda Oz vs. Mercan Dede “Ab-I Beka”
  9. Interview with DJ Bulut of the New Turkish Beat Podcast
  10. Gate Eight “Just Remember”
  11. Sertab Erener “Music”
  12. Harri Kakoulli “Love Exotico”
  13. David Starfire “Indian Fever”
  14. DJ Spinna “The Ill Kudana”
  15. Enduser “Switch”
  16. Promo: Urban Outside

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  • travis

    i’m a little behind on my listening lately, but i finally got around to listening to this one tonight while walking through the city streets here in mannheim, germany. mannheim is a very international city, and actually has a high turkish population, so it seemed very appropriate.

    i agree– killer mix! dj bulut is right on– ive always thought eastern music fits really well with electronica; the complex, syncopated beats are a good contrast to the straight-ahead, 4-on-the-floor/breakbeats of most electronica….

    btw, i totally dig the new look of the website– its looking very hip and modern!

  • solipsisticnation

    I had been sitting on the mix for this show for a while so I was happy to finally put it out. I’m glad you caught the show.

    Speaking of mixes, I’m really looking forward to having you on solipsistic NATION by way of Germany. You’ve got a great selection of netlabel tracks and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

    I like the new look, too! I miss the old layout because it was kind of dark and sexy but the new layout is slick and magazine-like.