solipsistic NATION No. 286: Everything Merges with the Night

Okay, folks, plug in your earbuds and grab your seats because here we go: on today’s show were going to talk to both DJ Jenny LaFemme, who with Maggie Derthick produced Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs, a documentary funded through Kick Starter and Geeta Dayal about her charming and illuminating book, Brian Eno’s Another Green World. Jenny and Maggie achieved their goal of raising $15,000 through Kick Starter to produce Girls Gone Vinyl this time last... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 235: Polis

Today’s show is a soundtrack for an imaginary movie set in an imaginary city. Think Bladerunner‘s LA meets William Gibson‘s Sprawl meets Tron: Legacy. Our first track is “Community” by PVT from their Church With No Magic album released by Warp Records. In my movie, PVT’s “Community” would be the music that you’d hear at the beginning of the movie when all the production companies display their logos and “Community”... Read More