solipsistic NATION No. 310: Mutamassik, Live

Today on solipsistic NATION we’ll hear a live set from Giulia Loli from Mutamassik, which was originally recorded for Fari Bradley‘s Six Pillars radio show on Resonance FM to promote Giulia’s 2012 release, Rekkez, out on Ini.itu Records. In fact, there are quite a few tracks from Rekkez on today’s live set. We’ll also talk to Giulia about balancing artistry with industry, and her growth as an artist, musician and as a DJ. Today’s show is eight... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 205: Grooved

I just encoded this week’s show to mp3 (thanks, Blacktree!) and I’m coasting on the dregs of nervous energy. Before this buzz evaporates let me tell you about this week’s show before I crash. And what a great show it is! I’m a little late to the party. Greg Harrison‘s Groove came out in 2000 but I only just saw it on Netflix a few months back. For a while I’ve been thinking about the 90s and the millennium buzz that was building. Things seemed... Read More