solipsistic NATION No. 276: ABAGA Records

Today’s label showcase features, by popular demand, ABAGA Records! A few months back I asked friends of the show on Twitter which labels you thought I should feature on solipsistic NATION and ABAGA Records came up again and again. You demanded it, I listened! When I launched solipsistic NATION I was uncompromising in my vision for the show. I wanted to feature the best of all genres of electronic music. Not everyone likes jumping from genre to genre of electronic music but... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 274: Magicore Voltron Mega Mix

On today’s show we’re going to experience the Voltron Mega Mix lovingly put together by [tlr], tooth_eye, A Beautiful Lotus, Johan Ess and Joshua Decker to celebrate Magicore‘s two year anniversary. You remember Magicore, don’t you? They only put together one of my favorite editions of solipsistic NATION evah! Only this time they’re mix is darker, sinister, heavier and far more dangerous. But don’t worry, it’s still just as fun! “And... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 266: 88:88, Live

It’s the first weekend of the month, and that means a live set! It’s one of the things I got the most excited about every month. Recent shows have featured performances from everyone from Atari Teenage Riot to Zion Train. Today on solipsistic NATION were going to hear a live in-studio performance from MSSNGDGTS (88:88). But first we’re going to hear select tracks from 88:88′s The Grey album, which you can download absolutely for free! EJ Peter is 88:88... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 257: NVR-NDR, Live

[tlr] makes his triumphant return on solipsistic NATION as NVR-NDR with a special live set and a handful of studio tracks from his Extreme Hyper Impact album! [tlr], you may recall, was on the show this time last year with a mix of select tracks from the Magicore blog he runs with tooth_eye and Phil. That show was one of my favorite from solipsistic NATION in 2010 because it was so fun, imaginative and exhilirating. Magicore is a genre that exists solely in [tlr]‘s head... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 238: Matta, Live

Looks like we picked up a lot of new listeners thanks to last week’s show featuring Karsh Kale, Tim Sköld, Ogre and Hoodoo Engine. If that’s you, welcome aboard! The first weekend of each and every month I feature a live performance with a quick interview with the artist. Recent shows have included concerts from Igorrr, :papercutz and Atari Teenage Riot. On today’s show we’re going to listen to a live set from James and Andy of Matta. I think you’re... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 227: Diffrent Music

Once a month on solipsistic NATION I showcase a record label that is putting out amazing releases that you need to know about. But here’s the thing, I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and have featured at least 50 labels. Just off the top of my head I can name Ninja Tune, Ultimae Records and Digital Hardcore Recordings as labels that felt like I was counting coup by having on the show. I’ve pretty much exhausted the list of labels I wanted to showcase.... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 222: Chevron, Live

A few years back I had Nicolas Chevreux of Ad Noiseam on the show to talk about his label. Ad Noiseam is one of those labels that puts out consistently great music so it was a real chore to try and shoe horn only an hour’s worth of music into the show. I think I did a fairly decent job although it pained me not to include the other great music from Ad Noiseam. One of the artists on Ad Noiseam that took me by surprise was Chevron. His track, “Burn Down The Jungle!,”... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 206: Enduser, Live

The first Friday of each month I feature a live set from an electronic artist. Yes, I know this is a Monday and not a Friday. solipsistic NATION is a labor of love that keeps me sane but it’s not a paying gig, so real life often gets in the way. Putting food on my table, I’m sad to day, trumps putting music in your ears. So from time to time solipsistic NATION will go out a week late. And I could have easily pushed today’s show back a week, too, but since this... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 199: Jerona Fruits Recordings

Back in 2006 when I relaunched solipsistic NATION I noticed that drum and bass was going through a resurgence in popular culture. I loved catching DJs at clubs spinning amazing jungle/drum and bass sets so I welcomed the renewed interest in d ‘n’ b. At the time I was listening to a lot of music from Jerona Fruits Recordings. The music on Jerona Fruits had all the muscular leanness and high end production I loved about drum and bass and non of drum and bass’ sometimes... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 181: Hecq

February has been a great month here on solipsistic NATION. So far we’ve had Alex Paterson on the show with a live set from The Orb, which was epic! Last week Kristian Peters came on the show and we played select tracks from his label, Sending Orbs. Next week EshOne will come on solipsistic NATION to talk about San Diego Dubstep and play a mix that’s guaranteed to make your sub woofer throb. And then we have today’s show. Our guest is Ben Lukas Boysen who records... Read More