solipsistic NATION No. 311: Head Cold

I’m keeping today’s show mellow. I’ve got a cold and I wanted to convey to you sonically what I’m feeling. I’m also not going to talk too much on today’s show because my throat is still alittle sore and I never know when I might cough and you don’t want to hear that. You can find me on Twitter at @solipsistic or at @josephaleo. Want to hear more great music? Go check out my brothers and sisters at! Okay, time for me drink... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 309: Khafru, Live

Great show for you today! We’re going to hear a live, in-studio performance from Khafru. But first, I’ve got some sad news to announce. Cheb i Sabbah died last week of stomach cancer. For those of you who didn’t know him, Chebi was a musician and composer from San Francisco. If there’s a genre that would describe his music I guess it would be worldbeat, but that doesn’t adequately describe the richness, complexity and the beauty of Chebi’s artistry. I... Read More

Song of the Day: “Stay” by Planet Boelex & Lisa’s antenna

I think I could fall in love with this track. Check out my interview with Planet Boelex and his live set here. Exist by Planet Boelex & Lisa's antenna I think I could fall in love with this track. Check out my interview with Planet Boelex and his live set here. Exist by Planet Boelex & Lisa's antenna Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 305: Pepe Deluxé, Live

Got a great show for you today! We’re going to rock out to Pepe Deluxé, live from the Tavastia Club in Helsinki. We’ll also chat with Pepe Deluxé co-founder, Jari Salo. Before we talk with Jari, let’s address the elephant in the living room. Where the hell have I been for the last three months!?! I wish I could tell you that I was on a tour around the globe, or that I was on a river boat, writing the great American novel, or something equally grandiose... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 304: Naboa Music

Stop me if I’ve said this before. Or skip ahead a few paragraphs. Whatever. After spending the last six years or so producing edition after edition of solipsistic NATION I finally figured out one of the important reasons I love electronic music so much and that reason is surprise and delight. I’m surprised it took me so long to work that out because it’s blindingly obvious—one of the first things they teach you in art—in fact, is surprise. It’s... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 303: Elastic Bond, Live

What makes today’s such a special show—aside from the music, which is great, by the way—is that today’s show comes to you from Ty, who is both a listener and a friend of solipsistic NATION. Ty emailed me a few months ago and suggested that I might consider doing shows featuring Calima Shatiday and Elastic Bond. After checking out their music on iTunes I knew Ty was absolutely right, I had to have them on the show. Calima will appear on solipsistic NATION... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 300: Psykkle, Live

Welcome to the 300th edition of solipsistic NATION! Today on solipsistic NATION we’ll hear a special live in-studio performance from CRL Studios recording artists, Psykkle. Evan Collingwood is Psykkle and we’ll talk about his upcoming album and what his live shows are like. Before we talk with Evan, I want to welcome all of you who are new to the show. solipsistic NATION got well over a million downloads last month so I know there are a lot of you who are just tuning... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 299: The Best Electronic Music of 2012

In the six years of producing solipsistic NATION I’ve never done a “best of show.” There are a couple of reasons for that. One reason is because there are already enough record stores, magazines and blogs doing a much better job of curating music from the last year than I am. Hell, the Headphone Commute blog dedicates an entire month looking back at the last year alone. But honestly, I could never care enough to get my act together to do this kind of show. I... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 298: Acroyear

Good grief! I had a four-day weekend and it took all four of them to produce today’s show, never mind the hours spent arranging and preparing for the interviews featured on today’s show! That’s the problem with the star-studded-ultra-mega-cool editions of solipsistic NATION, they’re totally worth it but that still doesn’t make producing the show any less backbreaking. Okay, I’m working on a computer—it doesn’t make producing the... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 297: CRL Studios

Today on solipsistic NATION we’re going to listen to select tracks from CRL Studios and talk with the label’s founder, James Church. You may be more familiar with him as Lucidstatic. If you’re new to solipsistic NATION you might be under the impression from last week’s and today’s show that all I play is IDM and industrial, and you’d be wrong. I play the best from all genres of electronic music. It just so happens that a few months ago I had... Read More