solipsistic NATION No. 288: Robot Elephant Records

For all my talk of my mission to present to you the very best of all genres of electronic music I am still a sucker for a label with a cool name. A cool name raises an eyebrow, makes me curious. To be sure, the label’s music better be good or I’m go on my way in short order. There’s got to be something to back up a cool name. Take Robot Elephant Records. A few months back I was perusing electronic music blogs on Flipboard or Zite or some app like them and came... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 278: #twittermix4

Welcome to #twittermix4! And here’s the part where I explain what that means. Explaining what it means is actually one of the #twittermix traditions. So here we go… When I first joined Twitter there wasn’t a lot of labels or musicians on Twitter, which made it almost useless as far solipsistic NATION was concerned. But I stuck around and gradually more and more labels and musicians came online on Twitter, which is also right about the time when Twitter became... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 214: A Murder of Crows

Today on solipsistic NATION I’m providing the soundtrack for your Halloween. Whether your getting dressed to go out to that Halloween party or whether your staying in watching scary movies or giving out candy to trick or treaters, I think I’ve got something for everyone on today’s show. If you’re new to solipsistic NATION: welcome. A big hello to all of you coming our way by way of Alterati. Each show on solipsistic NATION is different. The only consistent... Read More