solipsistic NATION No. 285: Song of the Day

There’s an old saying that 99% of everything is crap. Theater, movies, literature, etc. And in our case, electronic music. 99% of it is crap. Mediocre. Uninspired. Trite. Cliche. Gutless. Excrement. But here’s the good part—there are so many human beings that statistically there’s an astounding amount of great electronic music in the 1%! So much so, in fact, that I can’t possibly play all of it even on a weekly one hour program. There’s just... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 283: Tapage, Live

Tapage is Tijs Ham and he’s our guest on today’s show. While I’ve always enjoyed his music, I think he’s really matured as an artist and as a musician with the release of Overgrown, his latest album on Tympanik Audio. All the elements that Tijs has worked with the last couple of years—the soundscapes, breakcore and IDM—are all there, but his use of all those styles of music is more precise. They’re there more to support what he wants to... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 281: Undiscovered Country

I have spent over 12 hours producing today’s show. This last surge of nervous energy is only going to last so long so let me give you the low down on today’s show before I collapse into a quivering heap of exhaustion. First off, I want to say goodbye to Adam Yauch, or as we know him, MCA of the Beastie Boys. I wasn’t a fan of their Licensed to Ill album because I could never get past their douchebag posturing. But there was no ignoring their Paul’s Boutique... Read More

Song of the Day: “From Star To Seed” by Rena Jones

From Star to Seed by Rena Jones “From Star To Seed” from Rena Jones‘s Driftwood album. Beautiful album. Hear more beautiful music from Rena here. From Star to Seed by Rena Jones “From Star To Seed” from Rena Jones‘s Driftwood album. Beautiful album. Hear more beautiful music from Rena here. Read More

Song of the Day: “Variation in Blue #2: A Curtain” by Leonardo Rosado

Variation in Blue #2: A Curtain by Leonardo Rosado “Variation in Blue #2: A Curtain” from Leonardo Rosado‘s The Blue Nature of Everyday album. Leonardo’s apartment was recently robbed and he lost some of his most important gear—his laptop and his SLR digital camera. Purchasing Leonardo’s album or even just a track would help him out. The music’s great so it’s win-win. Variation in Blue #2: A Curtain by Leonardo Rosado “Variation... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 278: #twittermix4

Welcome to #twittermix4! And here’s the part where I explain what that means. Explaining what it means is actually one of the #twittermix traditions. So here we go… When I first joined Twitter there wasn’t a lot of labels or musicians on Twitter, which made it almost useless as far solipsistic NATION was concerned. But I stuck around and gradually more and more labels and musicians came online on Twitter, which is also right about the time when Twitter became... Read More

Song of the Day: “Fly Like A Beagle” by Transient

“Fly Like A Beagle” from Transient’s A Sudden Soft Implosion of Noiselessness EP. Free mp3 download! “Fly Like A Beagle” from Transient’s A Sudden Soft Implosion of Noiselessness EP. Free mp3 download! Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 234: The Centrifuge

Today on solipsistic NATION we’ll showcase The Centrifuge, a UK-based electronic arts collective that runs a digital record label and organises events around Europe. The Centrifuge focuses on the expression of the experimental aesthetic in electronic music, with an emphasis on electronica, glitch, ambience and minimalism, acid, IDM and drill and bass. When I relaunched solipsistic NATION as a podcast and later as a radio program I had a mental checklist of labels I wanted... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 228: Sinistar

It’s a dark, rainy night here in San Diego and that’s providing the inspiration for today’s show. Me? I’m providing the soundtrack for tonight’s perilous precipitation. A dark, rainy night. That could go many ways, right? A brooding, introspective mix might be appropriate. Or maybe something light and playful, suggesting the cleansing nature of rain. But no, in this case it’s a rain that might have fallen on that megatropolis that was Los Angeles... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 218: Masmöd & Solipsism, Live

Whoa, today’s show is really, really late. I feel bad about that. On the other hand, this is a podcast so you’re listening to this show on your schedule. Still, there’s something to be said about hearing a show just as it’s released. Anyway, today’s show is a worth waiting for because I have not one, but two, live sets from two great musicians: Masmöd and Solipsism! I’ll let you in on a secret. Today’s show had a one year gestation... Read More