solipsistic NATION No. 290: Raoul Sinier, Live

You and I need to talk. I’ve been gone for two months and I owe you an explanation about where I’ve been. The last week of August I took my first vacation in something like seven or eight years. It’s been the first time in ages that I’ve been able to unwind and completely relax. But something unexpected happened: I found I couldn’t get back on the saddle. Let me explain it this way. I’ve been producing an episode of solipsistic NATION nearly... Read More

Song of the Day: “XYZ” by DJNSM

XYZ by DJNSM “XYZ” by DJNSM from the Volume/One compilation album. Lushtronica? Loungebeat? Worldexotica? This track cross pollinates so many different genres in the space of four minutes and thirty seconds it’s hard to know what to call it. I just know it’s my favorite song of the day! XYZ by DJNSM “XYZ” by DJNSM from the Volume/One compilation album. Lushtronica? Loungebeat? Worldexotica? This track cross pollinates so many different genres... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 274: Magicore Voltron Mega Mix

On today’s show we’re going to experience the Voltron Mega Mix lovingly put together by [tlr], tooth_eye, A Beautiful Lotus, Johan Ess and Joshua Decker to celebrate Magicore‘s two year anniversary. You remember Magicore, don’t you? They only put together one of my favorite editions of solipsistic NATION evah! Only this time they’re mix is darker, sinister, heavier and far more dangerous. But don’t worry, it’s still just as fun! “And... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 266: 88:88, Live

It’s the first weekend of the month, and that means a live set! It’s one of the things I got the most excited about every month. Recent shows have featured performances from everyone from Atari Teenage Riot to Zion Train. Today on solipsistic NATION were going to hear a live in-studio performance from MSSNGDGTS (88:88). But first we’re going to hear select tracks from 88:88′s The Grey album, which you can download absolutely for free! EJ Peter is 88:88... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 264: Pimmon & Landcrash, Live

Welcome to 2012! According to a pop interpretation of the Mayan calendar we’re going to go face-to-face with the apocalypse that we’ve all secretly hoping would finally happen. If you believe that sort of thing. Here at solipsistic NATION we’re going to kick off the new year the same way we kick off each month: a live performance from an electronic music. But instead of one performance, we’re going to hear two! One from Pimmon and one from Landcrash. Both... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 259: Mobthrow, Live

On today’s show we’re going to hear Mobthrow rocking it live at the Riddim Collision Festival in Lyon to celebrate Ad Noiseam‘s 10 year anniversary! I’ve been a fan of Ad Noiseam for quite a while and for good reason. Ad Noiseam consistently releases great music. It’s that simple. And while Ad Noiseam obvioulsy has a love for breakbeat and dubstep with releases from the likes of Enduser and Bong-Ra it also embraces ambient and experimental music... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 257: NVR-NDR, Live

[tlr] makes his triumphant return on solipsistic NATION as NVR-NDR with a special live set and a handful of studio tracks from his Extreme Hyper Impact album! [tlr], you may recall, was on the show this time last year with a mix of select tracks from the Magicore blog he runs with tooth_eye and Phil. That show was one of my favorite from solipsistic NATION in 2010 because it was so fun, imaginative and exhilirating. Magicore is a genre that exists solely in [tlr]‘s head... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 254: Polyfuse, Live

Today’s show goes out to all you Burners out there. I was hoping to make the pilgrimage to Burning Man this year but it wasn’t meant to be, so, I’m there in spirit instead with a live set from Polyfuse recorded at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago, July 6th, 2011. I’ve only just met Justin and I know precious little about him, and his website is frustratingly vague, which is just the way Justin likes it. But we’ll pull back the layers of mystery... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 250: Speak Onion, Live

Speak Onion is Dan Abatemarco and Dan was our guest on last year’s show about music made with iPods, iPhones and iPads. Dan’s back again with a live set recorded at the Charleston in Brooklyn for Immigrant Breast Nest‘s record release party. Dan’s music has elements of breakcore and drum and bass in it but what Dan is really about is unleashing gnarly chunks of noise at his audience. It’s rare that a recording of a performance can capture that energy... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 246: Zion Train, Live

This week’s show came together so quickly my head is still spinning! Once a month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live performance from an electronic musician. I usually try to have a bank of live sets so I don’t have to scramble at the last minute to get a show out. I say “usually” because lately I’ve been so very busy that my bank of live sets had dwindled away and today’s show was fast approaching and I had absolutely nothing! And then,... Read More