solipsistic NATION No. 208: Mad EP

Today’s show was many months in the making! Mad EP has been on solipsistic NATION several times in the past. Mad EP delivered a live set back in May and was on the show with O’Slick last September. During that time Mad EP and I have talked abut him coming on the show with a mix of his music. In fact, a few months ago he sent me a mix. I was game to play it but then Hecq came on solipsistic NATION with his mix and it occurred to both Mad EP and me that his mix, while... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 191: Mad EP, Live

I missed last month’s live set on solipsistic NATION because my life got pretty hectic. But I’m back this month with a live set from Mad EP recorded at the TODAYSART festival in 2008. TODAYSART believes strongly in fresh and vigorous creativity; and in the new shapes of expression, and the rising talents who boldly explore the possibilities of the new and controversial stages where they can express their talent. I had Mad EP on the show back in September with O’... Read More