solipsistic NATION No. 302: Narrative Mixing · First Movement · Land

If James Joyce was a DJ from America living in the 21st century then Ulysses just might have sounded like Mister Wi$E‘s Narrative Mixing: First Movement, Land. That explains everything, right? No? Brett Wise is Mister Wi$E and Narrative Mixing: First Movement, Land is his epic, sonic, surrealistic, psychedelic tale of our protagonist, making his way in the world using a vocabulary of a staggering amount of samples, songs and found sounds. Tell you what, why don’t I... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 294: …And Darkness Came (Slight Return)

Each edition of solipsistic NATION is evergreen because they rarely make any mention of current events. There’s no talk about the latest tragedy, the latest scandal or the latest war because solipsistic NATION is place for at least an hour every week where you can get away from all of that, where it just about the music. When you listen to solipsistic NATION you join a temporary nation of solipsists. Don’t worry, all those worldly matters will still be waiting for... Read More