solipsistic NATION No. 292: Even Drones Can Fly Away

Today’s show we’ll been listening to noise and sound. Some of it, like Boyd Rice‘s Sick Tour, is blistering and could reduce a cinder block to dust in mere seconds. Some of it, like Kingbastard‘s “Danlan Speaks” could lull you to a deep, luxurious sleep. Some sounds like the sound of a 56K modem are fast disappearing. Boyd’s experimentation with sound opened my head up to what music could be. In fact, you can hear his influence in the... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 291: Dope Records

Once a month on solipsistic NATION I showcase a label that’s putting out such amazing releases that I feel it’s my duty as host of this show to turn you on to that label. On today’s show we’re going to listen to select tracks from Dope Records and talk to the label’s founder, Fariz Suleiman. I wish I could tell you how I came across Dope Records. I mean, I know I came across them through Zite on my iPad. I’ve created a section that focuses on... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 290: Raoul Sinier, Live

You and I need to talk. I’ve been gone for two months and I owe you an explanation about where I’ve been. The last week of August I took my first vacation in something like seven or eight years. It’s been the first time in ages that I’ve been able to unwind and completely relax. But something unexpected happened: I found I couldn’t get back on the saddle. Let me explain it this way. I’ve been producing an episode of solipsistic NATION nearly... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 274: Magicore Voltron Mega Mix

On today’s show we’re going to experience the Voltron Mega Mix lovingly put together by [tlr], tooth_eye, A Beautiful Lotus, Johan Ess and Joshua Decker to celebrate Magicore‘s two year anniversary. You remember Magicore, don’t you? They only put together one of my favorite editions of solipsistic NATION evah! Only this time they’re mix is darker, sinister, heavier and far more dangerous. But don’t worry, it’s still just as fun! “And... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 262: Immigrant Breast Nest

Today on solipsistic NATION we’re going to select tracks from Immigrant Breast Nest, a wonderful netlabel that was founded to present NYC’s best in weird, mostly electronic, underground music. Bit of background on today’s show. Dan Abatemarco and fellow musician and partner in crime, David B. Applegate, are the agent provocateurs of Immigrant Brest Nest and they join us today to tell us more about their label. I first met Dan back in 2010 when I was putting together... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 257: NVR-NDR, Live

[tlr] makes his triumphant return on solipsistic NATION as NVR-NDR with a special live set and a handful of studio tracks from his Extreme Hyper Impact album! [tlr], you may recall, was on the show this time last year with a mix of select tracks from the Magicore blog he runs with tooth_eye and Phil. That show was one of my favorite from solipsistic NATION in 2010 because it was so fun, imaginative and exhilirating. Magicore is a genre that exists solely in [tlr]‘s head... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 250: Speak Onion, Live

Speak Onion is Dan Abatemarco and Dan was our guest on last year’s show about music made with iPods, iPhones and iPads. Dan’s back again with a live set recorded at the Charleston in Brooklyn for Immigrant Breast Nest‘s record release party. Dan’s music has elements of breakcore and drum and bass in it but what Dan is really about is unleashing gnarly chunks of noise at his audience. It’s rare that a recording of a performance can capture that energy... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 242: alka, merohedra, Alexei Borisov and 80(sun), Live

It’s such a beautiful day here in San Diego that I decided to get out of the studio and record today’s introduction with you from my roof deck. There’s a light breeze and from where I’m standing I can see the Pacific Ocean. I wish you were here to see it with me. After living in Boston, San Diego feels like a slice of paradise. Today’s show is going to be a bit different. Instead of featuring one or two live performances and an interview, I present... Read More