solipsistic NATION No. 236: Tangerine

Whew, just barely got this week’s show out and I owe it all to Potion Factory‘s Tangerine! software. Tangerine lets you easily create playlists by analyzing the beats per minute and the beat intensity of your music. Between work and interviewing people for next weeks big show featuring the likes of Skinny Puppy‘s Ogre, Marilyn Manson‘s Tim Skold, Hoodoo Engine and Karsh Kale I just never had time to put together a mix for today’s show. But I did have... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 207: Ektoplazm

From time to time I’ll ask listeners on Twitter and Facebook which labels I should showcase on solipsistic NATION and time and time again people have demanded that I do a feature on Ektoplazm, a psytrance netlabel. Amazingly enough, this is the first all-psytrance show on solipsistic NATION. In fact, I’ve played next to no psytrance on solipsistic NATION. The reason is simple. I’m not a fan of psytrance. Just about every psytrance track I’ve heard sounds... Read More