solipsistic NATION No. 278: #twittermix4

Welcome to #twittermix4! And here’s the part where I explain what that means. Explaining what it means is actually one of the #twittermix traditions. So here we go… When I first joined Twitter there wasn’t a lot of labels or musicians on Twitter, which made it almost useless as far solipsistic NATION was concerned. But I stuck around and gradually more and more labels and musicians came online on Twitter, which is also right about the time when Twitter became... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 224: #twittermix3

A few years ago I posted on Twitter that Twitter would eventually be no more exotic than email or instant messaging. Twitter hasn’t reached that point just yet, but the novelty is wearing off. I take it for granted that I can casually keep up with my Net friends on Twitter. I take it for granted that I get most of my news from Twitter or through Flipboard, which is an application that displays Tweets in a magazine format on my iPad. And I expect my questions to receive near... Read More